Thursday, June 16, 2005

You know, free love, just not that kind...

My hope is that I can create a place where I can feel completely free to express my ideas and beliefs and feelings. Hedonism in our behavior is not something I generally support, a little close to anarchy really and I just don't trust people enough. However, I am creating this blog during the time of year when I have Burning Man on the brain. I haven't been back since my first trip in 2001 but it is never far from my mind...If you love where you came from, your home or family, that is how I would describe my longing for playa dust between my toes. It is the place you go, never as often as you would like, and when you get there you take a deep breath and you can almost feel the shedding of all the pretense and the ideas about who you are that the people at work/church/playgroup...have formed. This is not a blog about Burning Man, just a post about it and a vague, incoherent attempt at an introduction.

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