Friday, July 22, 2005

So...Should I be Concerned about Testicular Cancer?

Have you seen the commercial for estrogen where they say something like, If you have a uterus, such-and-such can increase your risk of uterine cancer. Wouldn't you think that those who didn't have a uterus would understand that "May increase your risk for uterine cancer" does not apply to them? After all, I don't assume that if I take Cialis, I could get an erection that lasts longer than four hours...


  1. this reminds me of a hilarious story one of our ethiopian co-workers (DJ) told me about "the antenna"

    maybe jedd will elaborate for you.

  2. Jedd does not remember this story...

  3. ok. in a nutshell. in ethiopa there is a tribe or area of the country where the women have a genetic deviancy that gives them clitorises that erect and can acheive actual heights up to 2 inches.

    If you slept with one of those women it was called getting the antenna.