Friday, September 02, 2005

Burning Man

Burning Man started last Sunday...I really want to know if the folks out there know about the Gulf coast...I mean, they knew it was coming but none of us knew it would be this bad. I just wonder if the organizers have let people know or left the week to be what it is, a week of seclusion from the real world (or the only week of true reality, depending on how you look at things). I know of one guy who said he was bringing a satellite phone with him (I cannot comprehend why he would do this) so I'm sure people know, I just wonder if they are telling everyone. I wonder if the people from the area would leave early or just stay since they can't do anything anyway. I really hope no one out there knows about the bigger tragedy of all the people we've left down there for days with no food, water, communication etc...When you are there, at Black Rock City, you really start believing in the goodness of people and the oneness of humanity...let them have their week, I say. I'm eager to hear this year's stories and I'm already planning for next year...Jedd and I are going!!! I think Em and her boyfriend will come with us and if anyone out there is interested, the bigger the group the better...economically speaking. Okay, enough of that geekery...these are the thoughts that fill my days; well, my good days.
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