Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why I Wear House Shoes

This will sound ridiculous to some people but I haven't gone barefoot in a few years. I am never without my "house shoes", a term I actually picked up in the ghetto. The closest thing we had growing up were knit by my Nana and we called them slippers...we never wore shoes around the house. My Mom would yell at us to stop going around in our "stocking feet" (which she managed to make sound like a dirty word) because we were turning our white socks black. Anyway, living in Price Hill I started wearing house shoes and never stopped. My husband HATES them and truth be told, so do I. So, why wear them? Aside from the ghetto reason of, you're going to step on something dangerous...we have hardwood floors, I've only had carpet for about 6 mo. of my adult life. If you go barefoot, you have no choice but to recognize how disgustingly filthy your floors are. The thing is, you can mop everyday and your feet will still turn black and then you have to think about your little baby crawling around on the same floor that turns your feet black. If you wear house shoes, you can pretend your floors are clean until the kids start sticking to them!


  1. Heh! Pat hates my "house shoes" too. I generally only wear them in the winter. I don't know why those boys gotta be such "haters"! I blame Brad! :)

  2. Just to be safe, I try to blame Brad for everything.

  3. Too funny! I have started wearing flip flops in the house precisely because my feet were so nasty at the end of the day and I couldn't bear the thought that my daughter was crawling around on it! Of course, the reason the floor is so nasty is: spilled spaghettios, chicken nuggets thrown over the high chair, spilled juice, spilled yogurt, cookie crumbs--all courtesy of my daughter anyway!

    LOVE your site!