Friday, September 16, 2005

Zoo Babies

I love the zoo. In fact, our membership was my Mother's Day gift this year (kudos to Jedd since I didn't even ask for it!) I really love all the exhibits but I'm having fun exploring the smaller ones, like the tiny wetlands area where we found this Sandhill Crane staring at us. I love to stare down in the water and see if I can spot the blue gill and red-ear sliders under the surface. Last week, we walked by the polar bears pretty early and this bear was standing at the edge of the pool, peeing into the water. When we walked by an hour later, he had gone back inside...this bear had come out for his morning piss and gone back to bed! We also learned from a friendly zoo employee on a bike that the gibbons are actually the most dangerous animals they have...this was right after he told us that, yes, they can swing right out of the exhibit...but don't worry, they stay there for the food...except for one that was loose for a few hours last week. Megan and I decided to take our babies and move on at that point! Today, we learned that elephants have only four teeth and they get six new sets in their lifetime. They also only digest about 50% of their food, so their dung has a lot of unprocessed food in it. This can feed small animals when food is scarce and is the first thing baby elephants eat...that's right, baby elephants eat their mothers' dookie because they don't have the enzymes to eat raw vegetation. Fascinating.

Elliet and a Sandhill Crane

Elliet sharing her water with Kenai Posted by Picasa

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  1. This weekend you can get into the zoo for $1.30. Whoo!