Monday, October 03, 2005


One of the joys of motherhood is trying to use a public restroom with your baby, without a stroller. Yesterday, my sister and I took the girls and drove up to Columbus to our cousin's wedding reception. I stopped at a rest area to change Kenai. After I changed her, I needed to use the restroom so, instead of taking her back out to the car, I held her on my lap. She's sitting on my left leg...and she spits up...straight into my underwear. Oh sure, I remembered to bring a spare shirt for myself in case of spitup but NEVER thought to bring a change of panties. After Emily heard this story and then spent 2 1/2 hours halfway between the front and back seats trying to get the screaming baby to sleep, she may have decided not to have children after all.


  1. nothing like going commando to a wedding reception.

    I should know.

  2. I've had bad public bathroom experiences with a baby and bad spitting up experiences -- but never combined like that. Why don't people tell you stuff like THAT before you have kids! :) I guess your sister can't say that you didn't warn her. ha!