Monday, October 10, 2005


Baby food meat smells like ASS. It has to be in the top three of worst smells, which is why this is really good news. Researchers are trying to debunk the traditional first-food "myths", yes that's what they call the schedule your pediatrician gave you, a myth. It makes sense though. Rice cereal is considered the best first-food but, thanks to South Beach, we all know what white rice does in your body; you may as well eat sugar. They are also saying you should go ahead and feed them strong flavors. Bring on the hummus!

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  1. Don't you love when you read something after the fact that justifies the way you did something? At the time, I thought I was doing it all wrong, but if this article is right then me and E were freaking baby food pioneers! ha!

    I did start with the rice cereal, but abandoned it quickly. No where on the box did it say "When mixed with stomach acids, this product will turn to cement in your child's stomach, thus making your child a constipated, mean, angry troll."