Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My First Halloween

I went trick-or-treating for the first time last night. My ultra-bizzaro-pentacostal-burn-your-smurf-dolls-religious family did not celebrate Halloween. Instead, we scared the hell out of each other "learning" about how witches will sacrifice your cat and cast a spell on you if you so much as accept leftover Halloween candy from your friends. No kidding, last year my mother was horrified that E was in a little Halloween outfit. I told her the demons wouldn't get her via her outfit...my mom says "You don't know!" Can you believe that?? So in yet another example of "I would do this anyway, it's just a perk that it pisses off my parents" we celebrate Halloween in all it's druidic fun.
What I did, of course, is take my daughter trick-or-treating. It was scheduled from 6-8 pm in our neighborhood and I had a last-minute job interview at 6:30 pm. So I got home and raced around getting Elliet into her cowgirl costume and didn't think to change out of my boots with the five inch heel that are too small since I had kids but too cute to get rid of. So, I learned that I LOVE trick-or-treating now and would have LOVED it even more as a kid. The beauty of it now is showing off your adorable cowgirl to all the neighbors. Our neighborhood is full of old folks which makes it that much more fun; one couple gave her two dimes instead of candy. This is what I learned: (1)the shyest of toddlers will bravely do anything to get candy from strangers, (2) get out there early, little girls get grumpy FAST and, (3) never, ever wear a heel, you will inevitably become the horse to your daughter's cowgirl for the long last leg of the journey.


  1. Dude. Kids make halloween so much fun.

    Your parents have no idea what they missed by not taking you girls trick or treating when you were kids.

  2. "we celebrate Halloween in all its druidic fun" -- my favorite sentence of the day.