Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm So Boring

It's true, I haven't been here because I have nothing to say! How is that?? I love to talk and there should be plenty to talk about...after all, I sit at home all day with my kids and other people's kids. Okay, so maybe that's why. Here's what I've been thinking about:

Why the hell would they have this many weeks of reruns in the middle of the season?

We finally got our Hawaii vouchers, we are going and I'm not so worried about leaving the girls anymore!

The last part of Romans is pretty good, it makes me like Paul a little better.

I can't believe I'm reading the Bible.

Mini bagels are perfect for salami and cream cheese sandwiches.

I would shrivel up and die without the internet. (How did our mothers do this?)

Why can't I find a decent movie that starts with N, K, or Y? I'm ready to settle for Young Guns.

I like Matt but I can't stand Katie.

Kate Beckinsale is really hot in Underworld, but I don't really like her in other things.

I hate AOL and hate that we have to use it again just so we don't have to pay for internet.

There you go, a peek into why I haven't been posting anything.

1 comment:

  1. I too hate Katie, think a mini bagel sounds appealing as long as its soft, would also shrivel up and die without the internet, and am sorry that you have to use AOL too.