Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I cannot remember where I heard the term "momnesia" this week. It's sadly appropriate, given the meaning. Momnesia is one more thing you are going to have that gets you one hairy mole closer to becoming your mother. You know what I mean, like when you had to start using the bathroom all the time, just in case. Or the first time you mixed the honey nut with the regular cheerios to cut down on sugar. Or when you portioned a large bag of chips into ziplocks to save money on your husband's lunches (you make your husband's lunches?!). I don't mix cereals because I don't get the honey nuts (hmm, now they sound really good) and I don't make Jedd's lunches, at least not yet. I am, however, convinced that my daughters' genius came from me...directly.
I once went to Wright State with a guy I worked with to see the lab where they were trying to grow skin. They would take a few skin cells and experiment with growing it so that we would have plenty on hand instead of having to take all that skin from your ass if you need more somewhere else. It was fascinating.
Anyway, my theory is, each baby takes a sliver of the mother's brain and cultivates it to form her own. How else do you explain what happens to your head after you have a child?
To illustrate: Today I called our car insurance company because after trying at least FOUR times, I couldn't get registered on the website, it kept telling me our information didn't match. I finally got through to someone and we verified that all the info was indeed the same. I went through the registration again while on the phone, telling her what I was entering along the way. When I got to the bottom of the form and entered my birth date she said, "did you say August 8th?" I had. I had entered my own birthday wrong at least 5 different times.


  1. August 8th is Pat's birthday (and my mom's) ...maybe you were mistaking yourself for him!!??? ha!

  2. Well, that explains why Jedd married me

  3. If only Julia had not stolen his heart from me...our kids would have been beautiful!