Friday, March 17, 2006

Maybe It's the Uniform

I'm sure you all have heard about the Phelpasites picketing soldiers' funerals. What I only heard about today, though, is the 5,000 strong Patriot Guard. They come to the funerals and stand between attendees and lunatics forming a kind of shield.
These things get me every time. When my grandfather died a few years ago, he did not rank high enough for a live bugler (hardly anyone does, they send a guy with a tape deck). A close friend of the family is a marine so he got some of his guys together. As we pulled up to the graveside at Quantico there were five guys in formal uniform saluting and a live bugler about 50 yards away. One of the most moving things I've ever experienced.
Here's the article on the Patriot Guard.

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