Sunday, March 26, 2006

*WARNING* Too Much Information!!

Okay, so Friday I had a friend come over. She has a one year old son and another just about to pop out. Neither of us really liked each other until she joined my Bible Study group. Plus we have never hung out before so I was a little nervous. She hadn't been here long when Isaiah disappeared into my room. He came out dragging something behind him. I didn't even notice until his mom said, "Isaiah, what do you have now?"
Wanna know what it was? I bet you can guess...


  1. Wow! You always read about this kind of thing happening in magazines -- in the "Most Embarassing Moment" section or something -- but to live it must be a different thing entirely. What was the mother's reaction?

  2. These are always the stories that leave me wondering what kind of idiot leaves these things within reach. Now we know.
    I was stunned and stuttering, "Heh heh, um...good thing I don't embarass easy...uh, hee hee this'll be a funny story."
    She was nice enough to try and tell an "embarassing" story involving tampons. Unfortunately, I was waiting for a story revealing she didn't think it was strange that we had a vibrator...that story never came.

  3. haha. best story ever.

    don't feel embarrased sara. that little accident might be the thing that frees your friend to go out and get a 'friend' of her own.

    just consider it 'God's providential nature revealing itself'