Thursday, July 13, 2006


Hey there, thought I should do a little updating on the state of brain around here. I AM NOT BIPOLAR. At least not right now...just kidding; the lame BP jokes just never end. When the Lamictal made me flippy (did I mention midnight hallucinations of a patronus in the backyard?) We went to Zoloft. It took four weeks but damn, I mean DAMN this stuff is amazing. I don't know if I've ever felt so normal. I had to switch to taking it at night though because I was completely exhausted during the day and then couldn't sleep at night. Of course, nobody's getting much sleep lately because the little one is waking up. The other night, we had moved Elliet into our bed so we could let Kenai yell and I finally rolled over to Jedd and said, "Can't we just put her in the car?" A good ten minutes later he got up and was rummaging around. When I asked him what the hell he was doing he said, "I'm looking for my clothes, you told me to put the baby in the car!" He was serious. That, my friends, is sleep deprivation.

A few other thoughts lately...I've developed a mild obsession with Scientology. It started with this story that the Haggis linked. None of it seemed like it could possibly be real until I started looking around. If you read the story and then read Scientology's own site...the language and beliefs and all are the same. I even found this great picture of the "e-meter"

Yes, that is John Travolta.

I looked up local centers through Scientology's locator and one center happened to be between my house and Isabelle's, where I happen to go three times a week.
So, of course, I drove by. Normal house, normal neighborhood. What's that about? Anyway, I feel like I've exhausted my study of this particular cult. I really didn't realize how big and dangerous it was until I read this stuff. Makes me want to vandalize the Dianetics booth in the local mall.

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  1. Hey I'd like to see a patronus, okay maybe not in the middle of the night. Glad you've found the right meds. Makes me want to try Zoloft. Much love.