Thursday, July 27, 2006

WWJD with $2.5 Million?

The "Statue of Liberation"
A Memphis church that claims a membership of 12,000 will unveil a 72-foot-tall statue during Fourth of July services.

Which do you prefer? Our very own "Touchdown Jesus" or this fine use of $2.5 MILLION?

Here's another one. Looks like a joke but certain members of my family would wear it with pride.


  1. That is stunning.

    The convenience story manager has a good idea that the money could've been better served to support the community, but we all know that they never would've been able to raise an extra $2.5 million for something so insignificant as that.

  2. Can you imagine how many churches I could plant for 2.5 million...ahh, who am I kidding, I'm raising a big sculpture of myself at church....

  3. I have to learn photoshop just to create that image. A giant Jeremy in front of a church. I love it!