Monday, August 14, 2006

Birthday Ink @ New Breed in Indy

This weekend, we finally did our "Sabin Girls Weekend" sans the two Cali Sabins. It happened to fall on my birthday and we had a blast. I had been hoping to get a tattoo while on our trip and by time we walked into the shop two more cousins and three more aunts had decided to get done as well! We ended up at New Breed on Keystone and I'm glad we did. I'd make the drive again for this artist. The rest of the trip was fantastic but aside from the ink we had a "What happens in Indy, stays in Indy" policy!


  1. I like it! Understated but cool!

  2. It looks really good. I'm glad you found a place that you liked. Are your kids wondering when its going to wear off? Ella asked me if I wanted some baby oil to take mine off the other day.