Friday, October 27, 2006

Get Saved! or Satan Will Kill Your Cat

In honor of Halloween, I reach into my bag of crazy Pentacostal shit and give you...TRACTS.
(these are all found at, each one is linked to the full version)

Here's one recommended for the younger children who come to your door for candy

Oh, yes, those children are going to sacrifice her poor little kitty for a spell (on Halloween, of course) C'mon, people, someone had to put a stop to those satan-loving, ritualistic murderers code-named "first graders"

And here's a classic I actually remember from when I was young

Here's one about Islam, did you know that God doesn't love you until you are "born again"?
Oh, and this one is "redrawn for black readers"

But God doesn't only hate muslims...

When Jt and I couldn't remember what JCC stood for, he came up with "Jewish Central Command" NOT SO FUNNY ANYMORE!!

Catholicism's pact with the devil, REVEALED! This one's called "Death Cookie"

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