Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's Not All Lost

This world reminds us everyday of its evils. You can't miss it. It's only Tuesday and so far this week I've seen footage of John Cooey in the courtroom facing the death penalty and a picture of a dead baby in Gaza. They show that helicopter full of American soldiers falling out of the sky and I can't help but see those boys in my mind. It seems they'll never stop talking about the three adults involved in the murder of Marcus Fiesel. It's him we should remember, but it's them we can't get past. It's these things but it's the everyday things as well that really get under my skin.
It's the lack of community, the way people don't say "hi" in passing anymore. Rarely do you strike up a conversation at the grocery checkout that doesn't involve complaints about the slow service. Are we all afraid? I mean, for the longest time I wanted to bring something to the new neighbors to say welcome...never did, too nervous. Our neighbors consist of: Elderly Lady next door with Really Nice Son who feeds our dog treats (don't know their names), Couple our age on the other side with young daughter we always wave and smile (don't know their names...except the daughter), one over from them is Nice Old Guy with Little White Dog that he adores (don't know his name or the dog's, even though we pet her every time she comes by).
Here's the worst part. Nice Guy With Dog and Nice Old Rich Guy on the other side of him get out their snow blowers and do their driveways and that of the nice couple next door to us. Nice Old Guy With Dog has always gone about halfway down the sidewalk in front of our house because that's how far his dog likes to go for her walks.
This year, they've started doing our driveway and even the walkway to our porch. It's so humbling. It is exactly what I had hoped to always hold onto from Burning Man. This grand sense of community. When we lived next door to our great friends, we had one lawnmower between us. Whenever he mowed or I mowed, we always mowed both lawns.
I wish it was always like this.
I just finished an apple spice cake for Nice Old Guys and this time, I'm taking it over there.


  1. great post - we were just talking about the lack of community tonight at the gathering as we go through the book of Acts. more later

  2. Thanks, I still haven't taken the cake over, it came out dry. I hope I can get something else made before the courage leaves me! It takes a lot more nerve to clear someone's drive without asking than to give them baked goods.