Monday, March 19, 2007

Tee (hee) Shirts

I found this small (but rapidly growing) Ohio-based web shop, Look At Me Shirts. I found it at Christmas and ordered my sister's boyfriend an "Even God Hates the Steelers" shirt. They are mostly Columbus/Cinci-centric shirts (yes, the touchdown Jesus has a shirt)

This is a onesie we wanted badly to get
for our friends' newish apologies to them,
I won't pay more for a onesie than I will for a grown person's shirt.

I have this one. In fact, they had the slogan
but not the shirt and I emailed and asked them
to put it on a shirt. I like to think I have some influence...don't blow it for me.

This one's funny...I wouldn't wear it or anything. But it is funny.

There's not a soul in Cincinnati that wouldn't get this one.
I don't know if it's that way everywhere but the great "fast food fish flood"
didn't really hit us in Kansas City.
I think it's cute, and even though I'm sensitive, I can't decide if
it's offensive. Of course, it's Cincinnati, so probably not.

And now the piece de resistance:

This one is from t-shirt hell, the place where you go to laugh at things your mother taught you not to laugh at... This is the only shirt I've ever (and only for a millisecond) considered getting from there. If you follow the link, prepare to be offended.


  1. have you heard about the cornhole movie they're making in cinci... apparently some sort of mockumentary (though the director compared it to dodgeball, which makes me wonder if he knows what a mockumentary is.. so who knows). sounds crazy. i heard about it on some am radio sports station (not my pick).

  2. Yeah, there was that youngster a while back on MTV who did a thing about it and even brought it to the today show. Funniest part was when he was going over the rules and said, "Apparently you have to be holding a beer in your other hand." Proud to be a Cincinnatian.

  3. these are too funny! i have to get ryan one!