Thursday, August 30, 2007

And many more...

...On channel four, and Scooby Doo on channel two
Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too.

No, I'm not drunk, swear. I think I have mono but that's neither here nor there. I'm never entirely sure what that means "here nor there" Seriously, no alcohol in my system at all.
Things are looking better around here. All charges were dropped against my friend, such a relief. The one with the thyroid tumors has a preliminary finding of benign.
My birthday was great. My sister is the coolest. She set everything up, really Jt should be kissing her feet since he didn't have to do much at all! The whole thing was a surprise. Sunday afternoon they told me to pack an overnight bag, then Em picked up me and Flipper. We drove up north a little and pulled into a hotel...that's when I saw the Civic with the KY plates and started squealing. Em had arranged for Jen to come up(!), huge surprise.
We settled in and had a little vodka and cranberry (except Flipper of course!) and played a game of Loser (fun!) Then we headed out. First stop was a pitcher of the best margaritas around. Then we went over to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants where a few family members were waiting. Family members, as in grandparents...yeah, next time Emily, the margaritas come after family time! I was a little wobbly (okay, just short of falling over) when we met up with the family. Fun times.
We went back to the hotel and went swimming. With Flipper there we had a lot of fun actually playing in the pool. I mean, when's the last time you did dishwashers and handstands or had a tea party sitting on the bottom of the pool?!
We got back and watched a movie and played another game of loser.
In the morning, they dropped me off at THE upscale salon for my mom's gift to me, a massage. So nice.
All in all it was great. I like being 30, somehow it makes me feel more legitimate. I don't really know what that means. Still, having Flipper around makes me feel so young that 30 sort of balances things a bit. I feel good I guess is what I'm saying.
Here's a picture or two...

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