Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Later that afternoon...
Alright kids, no more seizures or other weirdness. What a huge relief. This photo was the same day of her seizure. Jedd's brother came straight up from Louisville when he heard. I might have already mentioned that my sister beat us to the hospital as well. The news also spread through our church so fast that they prayed for Kenai during the first service and by second service people were coming up to Flipper for updates. It really is something else when people get a chance to come through for you. I mean, my sister GOT UP at 8 on a SUNDAY MORNING! Mike had plenty he needed to do at home with his own family but he made the hour and a half drive without hesitation (we didn't even know he was coming!) My friends offered to let me out of all social obligations.
We've had a long 3 months of struggling with people NOT coming through so this really was a good thing for us.
On that note, we still have houseguests. The best houseguests EVER but it's sooo crowded. Know anyone that wants to buy a tiny, 2 bedroom?

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  1. I'm so glad she's doing good. We can't wait to see you guys!