Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kenai is A-Okay

Kenai is doing very well. Kids are sooo amazingly resilient. I'm working on a recap that I'll post all the way around and send out in an email.
In short, Wednesday: seizure, seizure over 10 minutes, ambulance ride with mommy and Elliet, CT scan, dilantin, IV, admitted to hospital. Thursday: MRI, tiny spot on brain not tumorous... probably not progressive-followup MRI in 3 months, will treat seizures with trileptal, MRI shows scoliosis, Xrays done, vertebral abnormalities, blood drawn for chromosomes. Friday: consult with neurosurgeon-vertebrae 2 & 3 fused together and 2 ribs fused together, 30 degree curve in cervical spine (you can see that her head tilts to the right or when straight up her right shoulder comes up), followup MRI and CT scan next week, results will determine whether we followup with neurosurgery or orthopaedics, chromosome results back in two weeks, go home!!

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