Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Current Favorites

We just finished season one of Heroes. I had seen part of one episode but I didn't want to get hooked on another show. I clearly didn't know what I was missing. And I'm in love with Peter Petrelli. Not Milo Ventimiglia, mind you. I mean he was cute as Jesse and all but Peter Petrelli...I have literally had dreams about this character. It has something to do with what another fan said once about how it's not like a "superhero" show but a show about normal people becoming heroes. Okay, I butchered that but you get the point.

I can eat most of what Julia posts, I can I just don't. I've quit my job but still can't find time to cook...or I don't want to, who knows. I can try to eat some of the things Caress makes (or at least posts, I usually eat what she shares) Our tastes are very different...although I did thoroughly enjoy the meal you brought us recently; did you use tahini? Anyhow, here's one of mine. It's a family recipe that no one in my little branch will eat but me, I end up sending it home with my mom. We've always called it Spanish Chicken but I'm not sure how accurate that is, ethnically speaking. It's never been written down so this is how I make it.

4-5 pieces bone-in chicken-whatever kind you like
2-3 small cans of tomato paste-unless you’ve got the fancy kind, we only use Contadina
Large jar stuffed green olives
16oz bottle of beer-you know minus a swig or two
Garlic Powder
Hungarian Paprika

Generously sprinkle the chicken with garlic and paprika
In a slow-cooker, whisk together paste, beer and juice from olives
Mix in olives and add chicken
Cook on low about 6-7 hours or on high about 4-5 hours
Bone the chicken-my mom left the pieces whole but it’s way easier to eat if you tear it up and serve it as a pasta dish
Serve over penne (barilla’s mini penne is good too), I recommend Bella Terra organic whole wheat-the first whole wheat pasta my husband would eat.
You’ll find that you want to adjust things to your taste. More paste for thicker sauce, two jars of olives if you love olives…

Last but not least, the last movie some of you would expect me to recommend...

I've always been a huge fan of Christina Ricci. I don't even know when it started. Casper, Addams Family...Pecker sealed it, love the movie, love her in it. Admittedly, she reminds me of my big sister, I'm just not sure why. Anyway, I LOVED this movie. I loved it so much I watched the DVD extras, and I don't mean the gag reel. Watching the "making of" piece was so interesting, I watched it twice. Justin Timberlake is in it...and it's obvious he's trying to sound all deep and "non-sexy-back" but what he says really is good. Like, you can tell he gets it. What I didn't know before I watched it was that the same guy, Craig Brewer, wrote and directed Black Snake Moan and Hustle and Flow. He's cool.

My favorite scene/still for reasons I can't begin to explain tonight...


  1. This recipe sounds similar to something Wendy Jones makes. Its good.

    As for Christina Ricci, you and my husband have this in common. He loves her. Hopefully you were not as distraught as he was when she got a breast reduction.

  2. I didn't realize she had her boobs done, good for her if she did it for the right reasons. That is, NOT to match her new, gaunt, Hollywood body. She always looked better with a little curve. There were several times in this film that I had to convince myself it really was her. She seems to have shaken that little bit of "valley" from her voice for this role.

  3. the ressie sounds good.. olives, what a fun twist.. i might try this one out.

    the pasta i made you had tahini and sesame oil as the base. i think i even left the onions out for you. :) i'll get you the full recipe sometime.