Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm Just Grouchy from the Mono...

Have you ever had one of those illnesses that lasts long enough that you have to function with it? Obviously I know some of you have (or do) and worse than my little bitty mono fer sure.
Want to know what irritates me more than having to function at regular capacity? All the "good intentions" of those around you. You know the ones. They insist you get more rest but don't offer to come watch your kids. The ones who keep telling you that you're doing too much. All the good intentioned people who apparently believe you to be incapable of determining where to draw your line. It usually sounds something like, "I know you really care about____, BUT" or "I know you think it doesn't add much stress to your day BUT" Followed by what they think you shouldn't be doing because you're sick? Notice too that it's never something involving what you do for them. Certainly they shouldn't expect you to cut that out. After all, you're functioning normally, you're just tired and irritable.
And they just have your best interest in mind.

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