Monday, December 24, 2007

Linkadoos and Photo-fun

When I was a kid, I loved it when we drove into downtown (Kansas City)
and passed the neon sign "Ho-Made Chili"

I know this is shopped but I would buy it!
(some for soup, some for ice cream)

I am not making any judgment by posting this. I respect their right to live how they choose and even the decision itself...I'm just sayin', they got no beef with me. But this is hilarious.

Italy just says no to TGIF I feel sad for these parents! What if we couldn't have our Vegas or Kenai?

Love the coyote...envy the writer.

Because I love graffiti

Found a shirt I liked but it's retired and out of stock. Guess I'll make my own...
Normal is relative
Just not my relatives
That's it for now as I don't feel like talking...peace on earth ya'll


Wow, I hope his hearing aid was turned off...
Today when Jt's dad called, I thought it was his little brother. So when I answered and he said, "Ho ho ho!" I said, "Who you callin' a ho?!"
Not what I would usually say to my father-in-law. I'd say it to my own dad but that is totally different.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Leave of Absence seems my computer has a super-bug of sorts. The Geek Squad (clever gimic but I feel like I'm slamming someone when I say it) has been working on it remotely for three full days now. They refuse to give up, probably has something to do with the money-back guarantee.
Right now I'm at my sister's place on her computer which is also under the weather. Why am I here this late on a Friday night? Because I found a truckload of mold in the girls' closet today. This comes only two weeks after we returned from North Carolina and Kenai went into major seizure mode for a full week after having none for eleven days. When we thought about it we realized that only two of her seizures have been outside the house. We started looking for environmental triggers. Immediately I locked on to the crazy-high levels of humidity in our home. It seemed like the most obvious difference between our home and other places we frequent. So of course I packed up the four children in attendance and went to one of their houses for the afternoon. The lovely spouse is on the attack back at the homestead while the girls and I crash here. Here. At this clean. wonderfully open and uncluttered apartment. This is not a large apartment by anyone's standards but it is still bigger than our little house!
In other news, our boarder and her son have found an apartment and will be moving out soon. So at the end of December we'll be back to only four people in our 782 square feet; around the same time, we'll see jt's impressive 12% raise. After that, we have Kenai's surgery on February 20th. That's such a huge cloud over us right now I can't wait until it's over. I don't want to go through it, I don't want her to go through it...but I want to be on the other side of it much sooner than they've scheduled.
So, I'm going to sleep watching my sister's cable (yea Keith Olberman!) and I'll check in again the next time I get access to a computer.