Thursday, August 30, 2007

And many more...

...On channel four, and Scooby Doo on channel two
Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too.

No, I'm not drunk, swear. I think I have mono but that's neither here nor there. I'm never entirely sure what that means "here nor there" Seriously, no alcohol in my system at all.
Things are looking better around here. All charges were dropped against my friend, such a relief. The one with the thyroid tumors has a preliminary finding of benign.
My birthday was great. My sister is the coolest. She set everything up, really Jt should be kissing her feet since he didn't have to do much at all! The whole thing was a surprise. Sunday afternoon they told me to pack an overnight bag, then Em picked up me and Flipper. We drove up north a little and pulled into a hotel...that's when I saw the Civic with the KY plates and started squealing. Em had arranged for Jen to come up(!), huge surprise.
We settled in and had a little vodka and cranberry (except Flipper of course!) and played a game of Loser (fun!) Then we headed out. First stop was a pitcher of the best margaritas around. Then we went over to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants where a few family members were waiting. Family members, as in grandparents...yeah, next time Emily, the margaritas come after family time! I was a little wobbly (okay, just short of falling over) when we met up with the family. Fun times.
We went back to the hotel and went swimming. With Flipper there we had a lot of fun actually playing in the pool. I mean, when's the last time you did dishwashers and handstands or had a tea party sitting on the bottom of the pool?!
We got back and watched a movie and played another game of loser.
In the morning, they dropped me off at THE upscale salon for my mom's gift to me, a massage. So nice.
All in all it was great. I like being 30, somehow it makes me feel more legitimate. I don't really know what that means. Still, having Flipper around makes me feel so young that 30 sort of balances things a bit. I feel good I guess is what I'm saying.
Here's a picture or two...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Life hits the fan

I gotta unload this shit somewhere. I've been seeing a kick-ass chiropractor for 3 weeks. I've had severe pain in my back for 2 months. When we weren't getting anywhere, she encouraged me to get an x-ray and see my regular physician for some blood work. See, I had other strange symptoms develop around the same time. My nails became very weak rather suddenly and exhaustion like I've never felt came to roost. I can sleep 8 hours at night, take a two hour nap and still be desperately struggling not to nod off at work or while driving. The x-ray showed scoliosis but that doesn't really explain anything. Feeling achy this weekend, I took my temp on a sort of whim. It's Wednesday night and I've been running a low-grade fever since Saturday (at least).
Okay, so that's kinda freakin me out. Blood was taken Tuesday so we'll see what that shows. In the meantime I feel like SHIT.

But life doesn't stop for shit, does it. You all know that.

My friend's father has terminal cancer that started as melanoma a few years ago...the injustice makes me want to scream. Maybe shake my fist at God just a bit. My own father had melanoma removed from his nose this past February. Two bloggers I feel akin to have both had spots removed. My boss just had spots removed.
Another friend has tumors on his thyroid. Yeah, I said HIS, only 20% of thyroid tumors occur in men. They will remove one, check it right quick and then, if it's malignant, take the other one off. Either way, he'll be on medication for the rest of his life. His wife is due with their 3rd baby in October.
A good friend was arrested yesterday. She is a great mom, actively serving in our church and a dedicated nurse. After working 3rd shift Saturday and Sunday nights, she came here and watched my kids, as she does every Monday, then went straight back to work from here at 3. She was supposed to work until 11 and normally would not agree to a double shift but her patient was not doing well and her replacement called off. She felt she couldn't abandon her patient and so agreed to stay until 6am. Coming home Tuesday morning, a little tired you think? She got home, gave her girls some breakfast and while she hoped to make it 'til their naptime, she just couldn't and she fell asleep. If you are a mother and you are honest with know this could happen to you. The girls, ages 2 and just under 4, left the house. Explaining to their parents later that they were "going to school". The older one even had her little backpack on. They walked to the elementary school around the corner and were found there by teachers. This mother, my friend, woke to find her children GONE. I'll give you a moment to imagine that happening to you. She called the police. They came straight over and slapped handcuffs on her. They told her they'd never seen anything so terrible (really? what could possibly be more terrible than two healthy girls sneaking off to play while mom takes a nap?! I wonder) It gets worse. The kids pictures were on every news channel followed by footage of their mom on the "perp walk". The cops called the media who "shockingly" sunk their teeth in before anyone even knew what had happened. She was taken downtown to sit in a holding cell for 12 hours. Her husband picked up the kids and finally posted bail and she was released around midnight. Now she is not allowed to be alone with her children and could lose her nurses license. Speaking to local social workers I've learned that these things happen ALL THE TIME. CPS doesn't even open a file on the family unless there is a separate, glaring issue; like if they get the kids home and mom's high or something. If those teachers had called 241-KIDS instead of the cops, none of this would have happened. And yes, of course she will still be my regular sitter. Just as soon as the cops clear her to be alone with children.
This afternoon my father fell off a ladder. The ball of his femur jammed into the socket, fracturing the pelvic bone. Good news is, no surgery. Bad news? He does manual labor for a living. Oh, and also, he thinks he's perfectly capable of driving and that he won't need anymore vicodin after today. The doctors admitted him overnight (bc he's obviously mental) to monitor him and be certain he can walk properly with the crutches because if not, he could do serious damage.

You know what though? It's all okay really. My dad is not terminally ill. I haven't been arrested since 2000 ;). Mikey probably doesn't have cancer but if he does, it is (I quote) "the best kind to get." We're doin' just fine, there's a lot going on in the lives of the people we care about. There's a lot I feel grateful for:
Jedd and I are heading to San Diego in a few short weeks...I'm saving Harry Potter to read the first three days while Jt is in meetings and I'm in THE QUIET HOTEL ROOM. ALONE. It's like a dream.
My kids are healthy. (Prayers going up for new bebe, Conrad Patrick)
And there's funny videos all over the internets.

There's a few thousand parodies of the original SNL parody of what may be the best worst soundtrack EVER.

This is one of about four favorites...I'm partial to this one because it was such a memorable episode of LOST. If you have time to kill and can't understand why you find yourself laughing hysterically at these videos that are really not that funny (uh, the song is now my ringtone). Look up "dear sister parody" on youtube and find your own favorite. Check out the LOTR one and the rice krispies one first!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Later that afternoon...
Alright kids, no more seizures or other weirdness. What a huge relief. This photo was the same day of her seizure. Jedd's brother came straight up from Louisville when he heard. I might have already mentioned that my sister beat us to the hospital as well. The news also spread through our church so fast that they prayed for Kenai during the first service and by second service people were coming up to Flipper for updates. It really is something else when people get a chance to come through for you. I mean, my sister GOT UP at 8 on a SUNDAY MORNING! Mike had plenty he needed to do at home with his own family but he made the hour and a half drive without hesitation (we didn't even know he was coming!) My friends offered to let me out of all social obligations.
We've had a long 3 months of struggling with people NOT coming through so this really was a good thing for us.
On that note, we still have houseguests. The best houseguests EVER but it's sooo crowded. Know anyone that wants to buy a tiny, 2 bedroom?