Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now THAT'S Good Hibernating

The Street

If you're gonna hibernate, and it sounds like some of you are, make sure you have The Wire all queued up first. I don't think I had even heard of this show (currently in it's 5th and final season) until Jedd asked me to get it. Apparently Brad has been after him for a while now to watch it. His personal tastes aside, Brad is pretty good about recommending tv/movies. That is, he has never actually recommended we watch The Secretary. :)
We have only just finished the first season which is so exciting. It's like loving a book and learning that there are ten more in the series! So much to look forward to.
So as not to give anything away, I'll just say this...the season one finale? The whistling at the end? Electricity. Like a gentle tasing.
We can't name the next bebe "Kima" since we already have a Kenai but we've agreed it's the perfect name for a big dog.

PS. Obama's favorite character is Omar, who's yours? I think Omar's an easy pick.

The Law


  1. Really glad you guys are onto the Wire now. Been trying for a year to talk Jedd into getting this. The end of each season is absolutely great television. We're in the middle of season five now, even got HBO for the express purpose of watching it. Though then I learned it's streaming for free online. Stupid stupid.

    As for my favorite character ... I agree, Omar is too easy. I'm a fan of Bunk & Lester. On the criminal end of things, Stringer all the way.

  2. I dig Stringer Bell, Bodie and Snoop. Omar is a given.

    When it comes to the Law, I prefer Bunk and Lester.

  3. Jedd likes Stringer too. I can't handle him right now ("WHERE'S WALLACE, STRINGER?!")
    Bodie went from nothing to everything in this first season; he knows where he's headed. The Lt grew on me since it seems he had the most to lose.

  4. Stringer & Bodie really come into their own have season one. Not sure I would've picked either early on. Lester, though -- definitely.

  5. Lester owns for sure. I'm on the first episode (s. 2) and I haven't seen him yet but he was out the door on s. 1
    See Daniels on Lost last night? That guy's got bit parts all over the place.
    What's up with Bunk? I'm not too impressed with him yet?

  6. Season two is a weird one ... it's a definite change-up, those first few episodes.

    Bunk becomes showcased a bit more. He ends up taking some really strong stances on a few things -- and becomes very endearing for his inability to hold liquor.

    I didn't see Lost. But I did see Daniels in a Cadillac commercial. He's also a dope fiend in the HBO miniseries, "The Corner" -- which I also recommend. (Written by the same guys who do The Wire).

  7. I saw the preview for The Corner and wondered if it was any good.
    As much of an idiot as he can be, Herc gets some of the best lines: (To Kima) "Your pussy-whipped"

  8. Yeah, Herc is lovable. Has such a great way of delivering those lines, too. You're early into the show, so I'll remind Katrien not to come on here and explain her dislike of him.

  9. Herc's a fucking idiot, that's all I gotta say about that.

  10. End of season one Herc can go either way...I've never liked him anyway, whiny bitch.

  11. Look how popular you are. 10 comments! I love ya.

  12. Haha, it's great when you get one or two people in a conversation...