Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I haven't been to Bible study but twice since before Kenai's surgery. Caress' third wedding anniversary reminds me that we've been in this group for nearly four years. This exchange is an itty-bitty part of the reason.

C: (describing her leaking basement) It's really wet down there.
A: (after a pause, in a quiet voice) That's what she said


  1. after that exchange, A's cool stock went through the roof as far as brian was concerned. you'd better come back soon... b/c you might be missing something truly hilarous.. you just never know!

  2. tagging you.

  3. hmmm ... well, you still have a sense of humor!! We, aka Jessica's parents, pray for your K and you and your family every day. Some things are very hard to understand and sometimes you never understand. Your faith will see you through this. And prayer. All your friends praying for you.