Thursday, August 28, 2008


Finally saw the endocrinologist today. I was supposed to see him when I first failed my 3-hour glucose test back in...May? I didn't. I just could not face the idea that this whole "type 2" thing is real. Turns out I really should have gone sooner (I know. Shock) If this baby comes out lopsided I'm gonna have some mommy guilt that goes way beyond the beer I had last night.
I had gestational diabetes with both of my other pregnancies and it was easily controlled with diet alone. This time, my numbers never looked great and started getting worse around week 30. The OB gave me some oral meds but we've had to steadily increase the dose and it seems to be incredibly unreliable. This week brought a combination of challenges that led me to feel like it didn't matter what I ate. Plus, Walgreens put out the candy corn. So you could say I fell off the wagon.
Elliet started Kindergarten. I'm really excited about her being in school and she loves it. She's in a great co-op program with only nine kids in her class. The only time I teared up was when Kenai started crying (see the video on the kids' blog) and then again when Jedd and I looked through the pictures later. Someone should tell that guy that "How could you leave her there, you heartless bitch" isn't as funny when your wife is 36 weeks pregnant. Nothing is.
The real problem with Kindergarten though, is getting up early and trying to balance school with the three *plus* doctor appointments Kenai and I have each week. Kenai is back in therapy every Wednesday. She has graduated from OT and speech (!) so will start next week just doing PT.
This balance was lost today when I saw the endocrinologist and he decided I needed to be on insulin. Jedd had to leave work (and take 3 conference calls from home) so I could go back and learn how to inject myself. As sucky as the whole thing is, I wish I had seen this guy a whole lot sooner. I could have had my numbers under control this whole time. I could have even eaten an actual carb with my breakfast. Really, for three months I ate nothing but peanut butter on wheat toast, even Ezekiel wheat toast. Suddenly, my sensitive pancreas couldn't deal with that bread anymore. So eggs every morning it is. This week I started wondering if I should hard boil a few so I have something to grab when I need to eat in the car. My mistress, cold cereal, still being taboo, insulin does mean real breakfast again. The injection is nothing at all. I inject myself four times a day. The extra testing I have to do (SIX times a day!) is far worse.

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