Friday, October 17, 2008

The First 5

The day starts around 7:30. Wake with a start when Kenai starts screeching to "watch something". Call Jedd to see what time the baby ate. Good, she's not hungry yet. Get the kids up and give them breakfast. "Bagel or cereal? No, you can't have candy. Bagel or cereal? You're not having popcorn. BAGEL OR CEREAL?!" Feel simultaneously irritated and proud when I remember to give Kenai her medicine. Look at me remembering things. Hey! I have time for a shower! Give the kids strict instructions to finish eating, drink all their OJ and get dressed IN THE CLOTHES I PICKED OUT. Jump in the shower, use the kids 2 in 1 shampoo to save time, skip shaving anything. Suit up. Corralling these G cups into a nursing bra with nursing pads in place should have been covered in pregnancy and birthing classes.
It's time to get Elliet to school. Get the baby up and changed and strapped in to the carseat. Get Kenai's shoes on her feet. You've GOT to be kidding! Take her shoes and pants off and change her pull-up. Lose any ground we had in the potty training by yelling at her, "POOPS GO IN THE POTTY!"
Out to the car feeling pround to have remembered all 3 kids and Elliet's school bag.
Back home, plop Kenai in front of PBS despite silently swearing that she'd do a real activity today. Nurse the baby. Change clothes after baby pees through diaper and all over you. Change the baby. Make coffee and have a bowl of cereal. Whoa! It's time to get Elliet from school!
Pick up tacos because digging the bologna out of the pack is too damn hard today. Get home, set the kids up with lunch. Nurse the baby. While changing the baby, finally notice Kenai saying, "Mooommmmyyyy, I need chaaaaanged." OH. SHIT. She's wearing underwear. "I poooooped." Oh. Shit. Lift her off the chair, pee sloshes onto pants and shoes. MY pants and shoes. Remove said pants and shoes. Clean the kid. Clean the floor. Clean the chair. Oh, right, clean SELF. Go find yet ANOTHER pair of pants to wear. Give up and put on pajamas. No way are we leaving the house again today.


  1. we are the sisterhood of the dirty pants! read that as you will :) isn't staying at home marvelous ? :]

  2. note to self: post it notes are my friend. post it notes are my friend.

    Awwh hell, I sometimes don't get out of jammies to go anywhere, why bother? Ellie won't be embarassed yet that you didn't dress right to take her to school.