Monday, November 03, 2008

For Christie

My lovely SIL, Christie, asked me why I'm voting for Obama. She was brave enough to publicize her reasons for voting the other way so I figure I can do as much.
Then there's this other blogger, Mrs. Flinger who challenged readers to do some research and post their reasons for choice of candidate. So this is sort of for her as well.

One reason-Diplomacy
The war in Iraq is wrong. Barack Obama knew that from the start. He has said (and been criticized for saying it) that he will use diplomacy first when dealing with potentially volatile leaders. I trust Obama to avoid war when possible. This is also one part of how he can rebuild our global reputation. This is important to me. We can't keep saying we're the greatest nation if we are no longer respected by our peers. I trust Obama with this because I think he's proven himself during this campaign. He remained level-headed throughout this season while everyone and their plumber was hurling insults.

Another reason-Education
No Child Left Behind is failing our students. Obama's plan addresses this problem as well as class sizes, better teachers and early childhood education. He's not in favor of vouchers and from the little I've read, neither am I. Make public education better so that everyone has a chance. Leave private schools private.

Another reason-Health Care
My family is lucky. Jedd has a good job with decent health benefits so we are not faced with bankruptcy following Kenai's surgery. In less than a year our insurance company has paid well over a quarter of a million just for her. Making sure that everyone can be covered means that families facing major illness won't lose everything fighting for their health.

There are other reasons of course and there are at least as many reasons I will not vote for McCain. I know that there is a "yeah, but" for each of these things. I assure you, I've considered them all and would be happy to counter them in the comments or by email.
Hope is not a bad thing. Allowing someone to inspire you to hope is not drinking the kool-aid. Hope ignites people's passion to do better. Barack Obama makes me want to do more. He inspires me to be a better citizen.


  1. :) hey thanks Sarah.

    Only three more weeks until we see you guys!

  2. I can't f**king believe Californians voted for Prop. 8. I have sympathy for most any opposition positions, including even abortion, and will hear people out, but I am completely mystified by the willingness to deny something as basic as this.

    Fucking (can't even bother to censor myself) embarrassing.

  3. Un-fucking-believable. It's one issue where I just can't see the opposite position as anything but blatant bigotry.

  4. Well, to be fair, based on the sheer numbers, a lot of Obama-voters had to have voted for Prop. 8.

  5. I don't see how the two are related. Obama himself claims to oppose gay marriage.

  6. I'm actually pretty disappointed he didn't make a case to his California constituency to at least come out against the amendment. He's never been for a gay marriage ban. His position is actually very un-principled, and kind of gutless. So, you ended up a significant portion of his coalition voting for something truly insidious.

    My celebration was very measured as a result of this.

  7. His position is actually very un-principled, and kind of gutless.