Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wrong Wrong Wrong

They're saying someone sent white powder to Mormon temples in Utah and California. I really hope they discover it's not related to Prop 8. But I'm not holding my breath.


  1. I'm all for militancy ... but have an aversion to people actually getting hurt.

    There needs to be a Public Enemy-esque homosexual rap group, so they can have a song called "By the time I get to Sacramento."

  2. If anything, I bet these “anthrax” scares are being done by the homophobic assholes that advocated passing Prop 8. They do it to publicly discredit and give the gays a bad reputation and make the public unsupportive of their cause. We certainly know that the yes on 8 people used lies and dirty tricks to persuade people that gay marriage hurts kids and schools. It would not be surprising that anyone on that side would continue to fight dirty and low. “Gays are now terrorists, we have to stop them”. That’s what they’re going to do. Nazi Germany did it to purge the opposition in their rise to power.

  3. Being Mormon, this is very scary to me. Although I support Prop 8, I feel everyone has a right, especially in a country as great as America, to their own opinions and feelings and should not be threatened harm because of it!