Monday, January 26, 2009

5 by 5

There's this meme going around facebook. If you're tagged you HAVE TO do a list. Or maybe it's just a suggestion. This is the 25 random things I posted on FaceBook after being tagged by Jennifer and Christie

1. I used to LOVE raw green peppers but ever since I had kids I've not been able to eat them without getting nauseated
2. I am a closet romantic (it's hard to even write that!)
3. One summer when I was a kid I watched Stand By Me every day
4. In elementary school I regularly cheated on tests. I was home schooled
5. My sister still owes me Lee press-on nails for eating her fried liver
6. I just went back and deleted the periods after each statement because I am super anal about weird things
7. I kissed a frog when I was little. but not that little
8. I fell down the steps of the Capitol building in D.C.
9. I often wish I could read my life like a choose your own adventure book
10. I think God called me to work with orphans in Romania
11. Tupac's Still I Rise is one of the best albums ever
12. I want to but I just can't trust the police
13. I do have great respect for them
14. I've been fired three times
15. One of my favorite jobs was at a BP. It's one of the places I was fired from
16. If I've been in your house, there's a good chance I've looked through your medicine cabinet
17. I'm still holding out hope that there will be a safe cigarette one day (PLEASE GOD)
18. Turning 20 was harder than turning 30. I blame Neil Young
19. I enjoyed catching and playing with crickets when I was very little but was TERRIFIED of grasshoppers as an older child
20. I prefer the forest over the beach
21. I think that if I didn't have kids I might enjoy cooking
22. I told my sister in law that hers was the least tacky wedding I'd ever seen. In the receiving line. She still loves me.
23. I really wanted to be Natty Gann
24. I still get my oldest daughter mixed up with my youngest sister
25. I feel really smart when I recognize an actor after several years (or even just a few years. hello, Xander, you look so different on Criminal Minds!)

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