Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After My Own Heart

Not much to say today. There's snow falling. On top of ice. On top of snow. The baby has her first fever so she's sleeping with daddy. I just made my first successful omelet! Ham and cheese, yummy. I'm not drinking coffee because I've been promised a nap.
Jetta is a little bitch. If you know what I mean then we've both seen too much PBS kids.
The bloggers are all worked up over circumcision and I'm glad I have all girls.

And I've watched this video three times so far this morning!


  1. I watched the video three times and it made me chuckle...I needed something to make me smile today.

  2. that is so funny, I've thought that so many times watching Clifford. how does she even have friends. yes, I've seen way too much PBS!

  3. what are the blogs worked up about circumcision.. this is an issue near and dear to my heart these days (for obvious reasons).

    also.. i made that black bean soup last night, without the pork, though and with some extra veggies. really, it was all about the beer, which is a great addition. and i love canned chipotles. it took forever, though, to get the beans done in the crockpot.. more in the 8 hour range, so that was kind of lame, i ended up having to take some out and finish it in a pot for dinner and let the rest of it keep cooking. anyways.. long and short of it was, beer makes everything better!

  4. beer makes everything better!

    Of course. :)

    They did a momversation (the video thing dooce is a part of? I don't watch it) about circumcision and so the conversations started up and then of course turned into people freaking out about what other people do with their own children. It's all the same stuff you've probably already heard on the issue. But I guess there are people out there comparing it to female genital mutilation. Needless to say, it got ugly!

  5. Oh and I should have mentioned the beans could take longer...I'd even recommend putting it in overnight. My were not quite as soft as I would have liked them.