Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Giving Up The Milk

Ziva's not nursing anymore.
My milk all but disappeared when my gallbladder started acting up. A natural pain response I guess. I continued nursing and pumping. Then I had surgery and had to do the old pumping and dumping. My milk never really came back in after all that. I think the biggest factor was that Ziva got used to eating from a bottle which doesn't require as much work on her part.

Elliet nursed for a full year. Kenai, however, struggled with her latch. Combined with my surgery two weeks post partum and we only trudged along for about six weeks. Once the decision was made to stop nursing, I felt nothing but relief. This time is different. For some reason this time is harder. I feel sad, like crying real tears sad. It took me a while but I figured it out. (Yeah, not the sharpest nail...)
This is the last time. This is it. No more babies to nurse. If I could keep going I probably would but Jt's done. I feel like I'm barely getting by with three, I don't know what makes me think I could handle more. It may just be that it's the end that makes me sad. Someone on another blog said there will always be a last baby. I guess Ziva is mine.

At least this way I can cry in my beer!


  1. hey girl, I feel you. I meant to post a long while back about the emotional issues of weaning. I still look at Julianne and sometimes miss it. Not everyone could understand that. I'm pretty sure Julianne is our last - but hey, you never know the future. ;) anyhow, there's always the upside - love ya!

  2. There are always nieces/nephews in your future. You can't nurse them but you can get your baby fix. Trust me being an Aunt rocks!

  3. Better get on that! I'll need another one sometime next year...