Friday, January 30, 2009

Grace in Small Things Numero Nueve

This story was all over the place yesterday. Watching this video last night we could not. stop. laughing. My favorite part, "the hacked signs...traditionally warn drivers of construction ahead. Not zombies."

1. Hilarious hackers on the lam

2. A quiet afternoon watching Sleeping Beauty all the way through

3. Scented candles. Especially when meat goes bad + baby has diarrhea

4. Getting something in the mail from a friend I miss. Opening it to find a magazine with a close-up of Elliet on page 25!

5. Baby chihuahuas

For those of you who care, Elliet's in Christian Standard along with a bunch of our friends from our old church. You can even catch her in a promo video (she's about 7 seconds in, shaking her head)

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  1. that's so cool - E's a star! but we already knew that ;)