Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Official Apology

I did the 30 Day Shred. And now I must make this my public apology to Joelle. I'm sorry Joelle. I totally judged you. I watched you on tv and I thought you were totally wussing out. I judged your performance based on what I remembered of exercise. But it's uh... been a while. I was on swim team for several years and I remember how it felt to keep pushing when my body said I was done. I loved that feeling. That feeling is not the same as what you were doing on the tv. I realize that now.

It's not fun to push yourself when your raspberry mocha keeps making it's way back up into your mouth.

I'm going to alternate workouts. 30 Day works on a circuit so you are mixing strength and cardio (it's a great workout). But those big muscles on the front part of my legs? They won't let me walk down stairs. Or sit down. So I think they need a day between floggings Shreds. If we join the Y I'll just stick to cardio on the days I'm there but if not I'm...well, I'm looking into Richard Simmons DVDs. He's just so excited. He's passionate about fitness, and fitness for every person. In fact, I'm thinking maybe I'll get his workout for seniors. It might be more on my level.


  1. Don't forget, you can RENT workout videos from the library. I saw more at Groesbeck, than Mt. Healthy, so go check a few different ones out. When it's nice (and I'm out of school) we can walk at the local parks and stuff.

  2. ha, shout out, i so grew up with sweatin to the oldies

  3. Sarah,

    I abhor exercise. I have the best DVD you must try. I've never done anything but this video consistently -- it's so positive and I know all their names and pretend they're my friends. Cause I'm just that weird... and I eat brownie mix. and love beer. it's all about compromise right? baby steps

    FYI - I'm married! :)

    PS - do you still need the Sony? We could do a swap - the DVD for the comp. - and I could take Ziva if you wouldn't mind...

  4. Apparently,

    I have more to say. :) I could use email but I'm too lazy.

    I saw on your profile you read the Twilight series. Am I the only one obsessed? All the books give me a funny feeling in my tummy and I have to force myself to stop thinking about them! I need someone to relate. I know Caress says I'm young when I talk about Titanic... but in HS I had the same reaction to that movie.

    Keri also deeply hurt me. I saw Miracle in TN (which is totally amazing no matter what some Christians say) They had angels on wires. I asked the entire cast (all believers) to pray for her.

  5. Ugh, yes, I've had your computer forEVER! I'll get the last of my pics off of it this weekend so we can arrange a trade.

    Hey. YOU'RE MARRIED!!!!

  6. Oh, and I'll email you about Twilight too. Yes. Obsessed. :)
    Cat, I can't wait for spring. I was taking the girls to Colerain park where we can do a few laps around the track and then hit the playground. I see picnics in our future!

  7. Hiya! Its always nice to hear from a real live lurker!

    I've wanted to try the Shred but Im a little scared after reading so many comments about it. Eek! Good luck!