Monday, February 16, 2009

Grace in Small Things 26

1. I just watched last week's Grey's and Hey! Liam Finn!

Hey Liam Finn.
photo from BBC

2. Ziva seems to be back to sleeping through the night

3. Stumbling upon a firefighter training exercise

4. Chicken Pad Thai from Thai Express

5. A laundry pile beaten into submission


  1. OK, I hate to butt in, but I just have to say...when you go to Thai Express again, you have to order this thing that's not on the's called Lad Na.

    You can get it with any kind of meat, and I can't even describe it, but you'll find grace in the Lad Na!

  2. Thanks for the rec! I want to try other things but I'm scared! Will definitely try this next time.