Monday, February 16, 2009

The Ultimate Comfort Food

Chicken Dumpling Soup

**WARNING** While this recipe is definitely good for your "heart" it may not be good for your heart. Actually the only thing that may not be good for you is the white flour biscuits coated in white flour. In my home, white flour = devil's plaything.

The night before:
Put a whole chicken in a huge stock pot filled with water (sometimes they put spare chicken parts inside the chicken so get those out first). Add some carrots, celery, onion if you like them, and a little salt and pepper. Put the lid on and set it to a strong simmer for a few hours until the chicken is cooked. Strain the broth into a container and put it in the fridge. There's a lot so I usually use a gallon size pitcher. Let the chicken cool all the way. You do NOT want to do this with a warm chicken. Get all the meat off the bone and toss the skin and bones in the trash. Put the meat in the fridge for tomorrow.

Today's the day:
Get out the chicken broth you made and skim the fat off the top. I'd tell you a good way to do this except I haven't found one yet. I ALWAYS lose a lot of the fat back into the broth. Wash and chop a bunch of carrots and potatoes (the potatoes are optional and you should opt out if you're going to freeze some of this 'cause wow, potatoes do NOT freeze well). Put the broth in your big stock pot and bring it to a light boil. Add the carrots and potatoes and cook for a little while til they're just soft. You may find you need more broth so go ahead and add whatever kind you like from the store. It's only important that most of the broth is homemade. While that's cooking you'll need to do the dumplings. You'll need refrigerator biscuits but not just any kind. It has to be these:
I've only ever found these in the four pack which is okay because you'll want to use at least three tubes. You'll coat each biscuit with white flour and roll it out. Thickness depends on your taste, I roll mine to about the size of a frozen waffle. Then I cut them in quarters. Coat them really well with flour as this will thicken up the broth just right. Once the veggies are nearly cooked bring the broth to a high boil and start adding the biscuit dough. Put in two or three pieces at a time to avoid getting them stuck together and wait just a few seconds between. Give it the occasional stir to keep the biscuit pieces separate. If your pot is cheap like mine, you will get stuff stuck to the bottom so try and give it a light scraping each time you stir. Once the biscuits are all in and it's all boiling together, add your frozen peas and then your cold chicken. Turn it down to a good simmer and you can cover it if you want but I'm not sure it matters. Once everything is heated through, it's ready. You should probably add a little salt and pepper.

My personal guarantee: this will cure what ails you.


  1. Looks like a great recipe, and maybe for those who don't like peas (me) you could toss in a bag o frozen corn or green beans!

  2. Yummy, I agree...white flour = devil's plaything. We eat whole wheat just about everything...but WOW, this sounds GREAT!

  3. It's totally worth the effort AND the white flour!