Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Grace in Small Things - 42

1. Jt went on an overnight business trip. When he got home tonight, Kenai was looking out the window. She did the greatest squeal, ran out of the kitchen and jumped on my lap. "HIM'S COMING!!!!!!"

2. I got Ziva laughing so hard she had to catch her breath.

3. Finally really nailed the diet and even came in under for the day (by .5 but whatever) (and I should mention that this included taking the raspberry mocha my husband was dumb kind enough to bring home for me and dumping it down the drain)

4. House on Hulu

5. When I got Ziva down for a nap this evening I reminded Elliet where the channel buttons are on the remote and I took a bubble bath. Aaaaahhhhh

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