Wednesday, April 01, 2009


We'll just call today Humor in Small Things. A day so ridiculous I had to laugh at it

1. After I showered, I went to bathe Ziva. On the way to the tub I undid her diaper with one hand. It was not just wet. It got on my shirt

2. On the way to Kenai's therapy I drove through for a diet coke. Which spilled directly into my lap

3. When we got home from therapy and I was getting ready to put both(!) girls down for a nap Elliet's teacher called. Could I bring in a change of clothes?

4. Load up the girls. Bring new clothes to the school. Found her usual spare set still clean in her school bag

5. Decide to go to Target to kill an hour since the girls missed their first nap window. Run in the house to get a bottle for Ziva. The dog has torn into the favors I put together for Elliet's Easter party. Clean it up. Get the bottle. Get outside and Kenai's squealing. I NEED TO GO POTTY!!!


  1. All I can say is at least you can laugh at it! I'm impressed. I would have been in tears.

  2. Most days I'm pretty jealous that you are married and have three beautiful daughters however this post made me feel alittle better about my single life!

  3. Enjoy it while you can Em. When it ends it ends suddenly!