Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tardy 72

You may have noticed that I missed two days of Gracing. Or maybe you didn't and I've outed myself. Either way I'm here to explain that Friday night I was recovering from a nasty stomach bug. Saturday night I was re-learning how to knit and I completely forgot to post (as opposed to forgetting just a little?)

I have been wanting to pick up the needles again for a while now. I tend to focus better on things when my hands are busy. I learned this about myself when I was working in a parking garage downtown. I occasionally had a shift with one of our friends who liked to listen to books on tape. I have NEVER listened to a book. I cannot retain a single piece of information if I hear it and do not DO something with it. I religiously take notes in school or church even though I rarely go back through them. So when our friend would listen to his books I would play a handheld solitaire game. I found myself following his book because some part of my brain was occupied with the game.

Anyway. I also have a killer addictive nature. I have been addicted to so many things it's not even funny. I'm hoping to replace my habit of eating -any time I'm not moving- with the knitting. It's harder to eat that way. Yes, I've already tried.
I started with this tutorial by Jen at Amazing Trips who happens to be one of my favorite bloggers. I also watched this video.

And now on to Grace
1. I've already come this far with my knitting!

2. While it does have to be earned by a night of horrible, acid puking the day spent in bed recovering is pretty nice

3. I'm in another good book, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

4. Tonight at dinner I traded Kenai some of my omelet for a piece of bacon while Jedd traded Elliet toast with jam for a piece of her bacon

5. The other night Ziva found one of Kerewin's squeaky toys and scared herself when it squeaked

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  1. great job Sarah! it looks good. I go in phases with knitting - right now it's sewing. Kiss those girls for us, we miss you guys!