Saturday, May 16, 2009


1. This bush

up close

2. Re-potting all my houseplants in different sizes of these matching pots from Ikea
(isn't this shamrock adorable?)

3. Tomato plants are in the ground!

4. Cilantro seeds are planted!

5. Bird feeders are hung and VERY popular

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


1. Using one of my Mother's Day gifts

2. My baby stood up today!

3. Seed 2.0 I love this song so much. My love of Erykah Badu led me to purchase Things Fall Apart years ago but I hadn't kept up with the band. Then Brad put this song on a CD for us.

4. Recorded this today.

5. There's a bunny that's been hanging out in our yard all day. He was maybe ten feet from Kerewin but she didn't seem to notice.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


1. The variety of birds I got to see at my parents' house

2. Elliet's excitement watching the birds and learning their names

3. Good fudge

4. Big family dinners

5. Kids who want me to always be their mom

Friday, May 08, 2009


1. Kindergarten Mother's Day projects

2. Good Chinese food

3. Forgiving friends (friends who are forgiving, that is)

4. Those odd memories of the dead that spring up at the strangest times

5. Trader Joe's

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Afternoon Activity

Earlier this week I stopped at Subway with the girls. Their low-fat subs are okay but I recommend adding some vinegar and a little of your own low-cal mayo at home. But I digress. When we got out to the parking lot the girls saw a smear of blue on the ground. I know this because nobody would get (the hell) in the van so I was forced to investigate. I told them I thought it looked like a crayon had melted. They were so interested in this "melting crayon" business that I went on to tell them that you could make! things! with melted crayons. So in the next hour or so I heard "when are we melting crayons" no less than thirty times. So this is how we did it. From my own memory and with a little help from google.

Getting the crayons peeled and shaved is the first step. You might remember using a pencil sharpener to do this when you were little. Maybe you did and maybe pencil sharpeners are different now. Whatever the case, trust me, you'll want to use a cheese grater, the side with the small holes. Your kids will ooh and aah and think it's really neat when you lift the grater and the shavings are in the shape of a rectangle.

The next step is to sprinkle the shavings onto a piece of wax paper.

This is a good time to corral the baby, perhaps with puffs. Babies like crayon shavings and crayon shavings like the floor.

When they are finished (or you decide they are finished because they start fighting or getting more shavings on the floor than the paper) it's time to melt! Lay another sheet of wax paper over the top of the design. Slide this onto a dish towel and lay another dish towel over the top.
Iron the design on the lowest or almost lowest setting. Keep it moving and check it frequently.

If one of the children carefully makes a heart design but it melts into one big glob of color, do not fret! All is not lost! Mama can fix this!
If you cut them into designs I'd recommend then laminating them with book tape. Some pieces will break off and fall out. After the kids see how beautiful their pictures look, wow them even more by holding it up to a window.

If you melt it too long it will look gray and will take on the texture of the dish towel. If this happens to you I recommend surprising the artist by turning it into her initial!


Okay so I totally slacked off. What started out as a refreshing and even exciting challenge got really boring and I started to hate it. So I'm starting over, maybe a little break when I need it will help me get through the whole year.

1. Usbourne books

2. Maine. I could kiss your governor today!

3. Grilled chicken

4. Teethers you can freeze

5. Zyrtec