Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Summer! Hip Hip Hooo-bleh

I took the kids outside today so they could splash in the tiny pool and build things in the tiny sandbox. I laid out a nice flannel sheet for the baby to park her bare ass on. I tucked my tshirt sleeves up under my bra straps to even out the smidgelet of sun on my arms. Then I filled up the pool, took the lid off the sandbox and plopped myself into a chair to stare at the sun. Sounds nice right? How long did it last, you ask? As long as it took for the baby to pee on the sheet. I went to spray her off and forgot that my foot had been wrapped in a soft cast this very morning. So I was holding the wet baby and trying to get my wet shoes off before the cast got any wetter. So obviously, that meant it was time for lunch, sorry kids, we're going in.
I decided to try again this afternoon. (I'm nothing if not hopeful) That's when baby decides to POOP on the new sheet. And I decided not to check before I plopped her into the pool. Oops. So dump baby on clean half of sheet, run and turn on hose (which is on the front of the house, total FAIL), run back to dump the pool, spray it out and then spray off the baby. This time, I managed to avoid my shoes. So I refilled the pool, laid down a towel for the baby and finished looking straight into the sun. Aaahh, summer.


  1. yeah, Summer's not my season. The idea of it seems cool enough. I'm just not really that into the sweat, mosquitoes, and any temperature that varies too far from the 70 range.


    Too funny. :)