Monday, July 27, 2009

In The Meantime

I'm having one of those moments. Actually this particular moment occurs with some frequency so maybe it should be called something else. Whatever it's called, it's where I have a few ideas floating around my brain for posts here but I cannot convince myself that anyone cares. I can't just write for my own self because, ugh, I got over that somewhere during (okay after) college. It does nothing for me so I come here to share with you. I'm not a writer by trade or even hobby so when I try to write about the mundane, it actually sounds mundane. Sometimes I feel like everything I am thinking about has been said (and better) elsewhere, probably many times over. So for now, I give you "The Reader Survey" that I stole off Schmutzie that she stole off someone else. I'm changing the last question because I couldn't answer hers. Tell me about yourselves, c'mon, humor me? I'll start.

(Answer these questions in the comments blah blah blah)

1. Your URL should you have one

2. Where do you hail from? (bonus, do you hate sentences ended with prepositions?)

3. How did you find this blog or how did we meet?

4. If you had an alter-ego what would her occupation be?


  1. 1. Duh. But I also blog the kids at

    2. I grew up in MO and now live in Cincinnati and I think I might like it here. (bonus, I love ending sentences with prepositions, love it)

    3. (alternate answer) I found blogging when Jedd's friends started blogging several years ago and I was cooped up with a brand new baby and no friends of my own

    4. I think she'd be FBI, and she'd have lots of dogs and would not birth any children but upon her early retirement, she would adopt several older children.

  2. 1.

    2. Born in Cincinnati, OH. Now I live in Rushsylvania, OH (about 2 hours north of Cincinnati)

    3. ST is my cousin

    4. If I had an alter-ego I would be independently wealthy, but would share my wealth with many people and I would have lots and lots of kids...both biological and adopted

  3. 1.

    2. born in El Paso, TX, grew up a GA peach, now truly consider myself a Tarheel (I mean in the cultural way, not the avid sports fan way.)

    3.ST is my sister-in-law

    4. On good days, Wonder Woman, on bad ones, Cat Woman - what does that say about me? (reminds me of a Meredith Brooks song)

  4. 1.

    2. Born in Dallas, and since Texas claims you from birth, that's my true home, but now in Cincinnati.

    3. Sarah is my friend, whom I have not seen in entirely too long, and maybe we should get together and paint our nails and the girls' nails!

    4. Diva. Of everything.

  5. Jess, I'm pretty sure you ARE your alter-ego!
    I love these answers!

  6. 1.

    2. born in ca, raised in ak, currently in philly. (no, don't have enough of a handle on grammar to hate sentences ending in a prep.)

    3. we met years ago, husbands are college friends.

    4. photographer for travel magazine.

  7. 1.

    2. Born in Columbus, Ohio and have never left. It's really kind of sad.

    3. I think I found you because you left me a comment, but it's been awhile so I can't be sure of that.

    4. I would be an interior designer. Mostly just because I like to spend other people's money.

  8. 1

    2 I was Born in Ontario, Canada but I live in Newfoundland, Canada now and have been here for the last 8 years.

    3 You actually found me!

    4 Hmmm, I'd be working in some distant 3rd world country with kids

  9. Sarah,

    Cincinnati of Delhisian westside heritage.

    Church Group Series

    A mountain meditating Wayne Dyer