Monday, August 10, 2009

I Made Some Dinner Tonight

I did. It was good and it was simple. I have a newish friend who is very cool and I'm finding that I sort of ADORE her. She is the one who convinced me to workout and then split a trainer with me. (mmm, delicious trainer)
Anyway, this friend told me she couldn't really cook. What I didn't realize was that she really can't cook. She and her brood came over for chili once and she wanted to know how I made it so I jotted down the basic ingredients. I mean, it's chili. She asked me how long to cook it after you put it all together. Uhh, until it's hot?
I mentioned this friend to my mom who reminded me that I had to ask her how to fry an egg after I got married. (I can cook a mean egg now. Shut up)
So anyway, from now on I will post occasional food things like I always have but they will be very basic so that my friend (should she ever read here) and others like her can figure it out. Given some time these people will be able to fry an egg and saute a veggie as well as the rest of us.
So today I needed to make dinner. I have to do this because my kids can only eat so many fried eggs, no matter how well I make them. Plus have you SEEN the price of free range eggs? Those bitches are pure gold.
So I made dinner. I had some zucchini and yellow squash that really needed to be cooked. I bought them because I like to cook them in a skillet with lots of garlic and eat them next to pretty much everything. But then I didn't do any cooking last week. So I washed them and sliced them. It doesn't matter how thick as long as they are all similar in size (keep the zucchini and yellow squash separate!). I heated a skillet on the notch above medium and put in a little olive oil, I'd say maybe a tablespoon or so? When it was warm (the oil gets shimmery) I crushed a few cloves of garlic into the pan and spread it around a bit. You don't want it in there very long by itself, once it's brown it changes the flavor of the garlic. So at this point I added in the zucchini and then about 1/3 cup of chicken broth and put the lid on the skillet. I have found that the yellow squash cooks faster than the zucchini. So about three minutes later I add in the yellow squash and put the lid back on. It cooks for a few minutes 5? 10? I'm not entirely sure, I'd say check it every 3 minutes. It's done when the pieces look more opaque, not so white anymore, and they are soft. It was early in the day so I took them out of the skillet and put them in a glass bowl. I used tongs so I could leave the broth in the pan. Then I threw a large handful of frozen carrots in the pan and covered it. I cooked this on the notch between low and medium for a few minutes until they were hot and soft. I let the carrots cool and then pureed them. I used a mini blender because I don't really know how to use the big one. Add in the juice from the pan for a little extra moisture. I added the carrot puree to two cans of spaghetti sauce (we like LaRosa's). At dinnertime I mixed the sauce, carrot puree and veggies together and served it over whole wheat pasta (Bella Terra is the best, trust me). It was really good and super healthy.
What'd you make for dinner?


  1. Yummy. Not sure my hubby would go for that, but I would LOVE it!

    We had fresh cut Delmonico steaks, from the butcher up the road, seasoned with salt and fresh ground pepper then grilled to Medium. We also had fresh green beans, sauted with olive oil and garlic and baked yukon gold potatoes with butter & sour cream. I also had grilled eggplant, but no one else liked it =0)

  2. That sounds soooo good. I love eggplant but Jt won't touch it. I'll have to see if I can get the kids to try it. Kenai will eat anything as long as it's on someone else's plate!

  3. I love this idea about carrot puree in the pasta sauce. Great! I'm going to try that. For dinner, we had "clean up the fridge night" since we're paring down and eating up all our food before we leave (!).. so we had some fried potatoes and a very Russian salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, some cubed cheese and sour cream for the dressing. Also.. some very unRussian sprouted chick peas which were really awesome.. I've been reading about raw diets recently and they're big on sprouted things.. so I want to learn how to do it. They kind of tasted a little like bean sprouts.. I guess a sprout is a sprout is a sprout.

  4. Do try the carrots, it's super easy. I don't like cooked carrots and was nervous at how much puree I put in, it seemed like a lot. I can't taste them at all. If anything it made the sauce a little sweeter and maybe milder.
    Your dinner sounds yummy too. I don't care for the texture of chick peas unless they are ground into hummus! But I love sprouts, bean and alfalfa.

  5. You might like sprouted chick peas then.. because they're completely different than cooked ones. They're kind of crunchy... in a good way.

  6. YUMMERS, I would have to add some ground beef for the hubs and boys or else the naitives would overthrow me. Dinner with out meat is well, lunch.