Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maybe I'd Want to Do It If It Weren't Called "Discipline"

Jedd and I started the Dave Ramsey program last night. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Ramsey, he's a little too conservative about gender roles and money for my taste. But he knows his shit. Our finances are a joke. Seriously, it's ridiculous. Jedd makes a decent salary but we are always broke. We have no savings to speak of and plenty of unsecured debt. See, we really like to NOT plan for things. We like to be undisciplined in every way we can get away with. (yes, a preposition, shut up) We like to avoid planning dinner so that we have to eat out when dinner time rolls around and we realize we don't have a personal chef. We aren't *big* spenders, we might go to the mall once or twice a year for the Apple store and Godiva. We don't have expensive clothes, Jedd gets his hair cut at "Should Have Done It Your Own Self" Super Cuts. I go fancy so I only go once or twice a year. We don't have new cars, we didn't get a tv until the color went out on the old one and when we did we got it small enough that the kid at Best Buy asked if it was our "bedroom model". We got a new couch when the two-seater just wasn't enough for our family anymore and we only spent $400.
The fourth "baby step" in the program is Building Wealth. Building wealth requires discipline is what Dave Ramsey said. Discipline. Huh. I bet discipline could help us in a lot of other ways. I bet discipline would get me to the gym again. I bet it would help us be more gentle with the children. Discipline might even help me stop eating so damn much. So now there's a theme. Discipline is my theme. The conviction I talked about before requires discipline.
Now, how do you get discipline? Is it just something you decide to do? Is it a "fake it til you make it" sort of thing? It sounds hard.
I'm going to work on being disciplined with our money, with food, with exercise, with parenting and maybe with reading the (*Gulp*) Bible. Did I mention I can't remember the last time I read the Bible? Yikes. So I'm going to try this discipline thing and it's going to solve EVERYTHING!
I'll keep you posted.


  1. yeah, I hear you. Too bad they don't bottle it, I'd splurge! :) I'm a big fan of baby steps. Maybe that's just my justification line for everything so that I don't have to sweat to hard. I just get way too overwhelmed with trying to fix a million different areas at once. So, I'm trying to prioritize. Priority 1: moving from surviving to ? - Kudos on the goals!

  2. It sucks. You get mad and frustrated. You want to throw a big fit like a baby but, you can't cause you are a grown up. Well actually, the biggest reason is you don't want your kids to act that way too. But the small steps are satisfying. Although, I'm always stuck with paying off the small stuff and getting excited. We're just having a hard time with the "larger" debts because I'm in school and our income is stretched tight.

    As for dinner. Make a double batch and eat leftovers the next night. Cause when you finally do feel like cooking, you might as well go all out.

  3. Discipline is one of my biggest struggles and definitely in my "from the inside out" category -- so maybe praying for discipline is the first step toward discipline? Jess should blog about it. :)