Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Week on Facebook

I know a few of you aren't on Facebook so I thought I'd share some of the fun stuff that's been over there this week...

Videos of dogs
greeting their returning owners/veterans. Need to cry? There you go.

I've been enjoying a thread on the 9 News page about a billboard put up by a group for atheists.
Sounds pretty harmless, eh? So you can guess how Cincinnatians responded, uproar and threats.

Then there's this hilarious link that's been going around with a recording of two messages some guy left for some girl after trying to pick her up. Go now and listen. So hilarious. It reminded me of this guy I met at a used car lot. One afternoon my friend Tamiko and I went out to a local used car dealership to look around. We were approached by a man named Sunny (Sonny?) who had me fill out a form, I don't remember what for, I wasn't buying anything. That night he calls me. AT HOME. He wanted to tell me that I was very pretty and that he had a good, solid job and a home. He has a nice group of friends who I would like very much. I (being unable to shake the need to be a "nice girl") told him how I was in college and happily living with my sister and two dogs. Or was it a dog and two cats? I don't remember. Anyway he tells me how his house has room for all of us, my sister too. I called the dealership and tattled.


  1. Wow. You'd think folks would remember that the God they love and serve is bigger than a billboard...

    And good for you for calling the car dealership! Totally inappropriate for him to use your info to try to pick you up!!

  2. ... or it could be that the God they love is considerably smaller, and they know it. (In general I hate militant atheists, but I'll happily play the role when pressed by theistic boobs like those.)

    My favorite of the videos was the one w/ the Green Day soundtrack -- where the big dogs just kept "hugging* the guy. Least favorite were the ones w/ the women squealing, "Daddy's home!"

    As for the car dealership dude ... c'mon, Jedd totally had a roach-infested house house in Price Hill. No comparison.

  3. I didn't see the Green Day one but the ones with the squealing women? AWFUL.

  4. I love that recording of the crazily-arrogant guy. I listened to it a few months back and laughed for days. Probably not as funny when you are dealing with it in real life, though. Good for you for calling the dealership!

  5. i am dying over here. i just listened to that mp3 of the guy's voicemails...ridiculously hilarious.