Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tomato Curry Chicken and Rice

Curry is one of those things that you either like or you hate. Sort of like licorice. I love curry and it turns out Kenai loves curry too! I had never actually cooked with it so I was happy to get this recipe from my good friend, Taffany.
Taffany is one of those people who just makes you stop and go, "Oh. Wow." She's incredibly driven and keeps going long after I would have given up. Just knowing her is like going to your first decent diversity training. I met her at church, a Christian/Church of Christ but she now attends a Nazarene fellowship. She was involved with the Mormons for a while and still had them come and pray with her before major surgery. The first time I had this rice dish she had made it for her daughter's birthday party. She had also made bbq turkey instead of pork because some of their friends who were coming to the party are Muslim. There were Latino friends, white friends and African friends; Christians and Muslims gathered around a huge spread of food, playing corn hole and running around. I hope it was something like what Heaven will be like.

Tomato Curry Chicken and Rice
vegetable or canola oil
onion (at least 1/2 large)
tomatoes (one can diced or fresh)
tomato paste (one small can)
boneless skinless chicken (I used 3 breasts)
rice - this usually calls for jasmine which is what I used but it has a particular texture that not everyone likes so long grain white rice is fine as well
salt, cumin, curry, garlic, goya (blue lid), red pepper flakes, tenderizer (optional)
frozen vegetables (peas are best)

First cut your chicken pieces into bite size, toss them with a little oil and all the spices listed above. Let them sit like that.
Dice your onion. You can do it as big or small as you'd like. I love the taste of onion but the texture makes me vomit so I chopped them until they screamed for mercy. I chopped the HELL out of those onions. Smaller than the onions on your McDonald's cheeseburger, these onions. See,

Cook the onion in your canola oil until it's tender (or if you are like me, very, very tender) Add the can of tomato paste and the diced fresh or canned tomatoes. I don't like large pieces of cooked tomato (I know I'm SO picky) so I got a can of petite diced tomatoes and then chopped them even smaller. Cook this down until it's a nice brown color. Add the spices listed above (minus the tenderizer)

While the tomato is cooking throw your rice into another skillet and brown it just a little. This brings out the flavor or something, I'm not sure. But it's fun and it smells good. I ended up using two cups of rice for the amount of chicken I had.

Add the rice to the tomato mixture with the amount of water called for on the bag. Then use the rice skillet to brown the chicken.

When the chicken is cooked through, add it to the rice and tomato. Add the vegetables. Taffany uses mixed veggies, I used peas and spinach. I would highly recommend skipping the spinach and going with just peas.

I LOVED this meal. Elliet tried it and didn't like it. Jedd didn't try it. Kenai ate it every single day until it was gone.


  1. I use a wee bit of curry powder in my chicken salad and it adds lovely color and flavor. So I am glad to have another awesome curry chicken recipe. :)

  2. I had a chicken salad at my cousin's wedding that had curry in it. It was by far the best chicken salad I have ever had and I can't seem to reproduce it. I guess it's from a cafe local to them. Sliced almonds, grapes, a little curry. Yum.
    My mom used to make a basic chicken and broccoli rice casserole with curry in it. Makes me wonder what other "normal" foods are better with curry!

  3. You could also try curry paste to see if you like it. I think the paste form has a bolder flavor, but you have to be careful! We also put curry paste in our chicken salad :)

  4. That looks awesome! Yum! I'm going to try it.

  5. I'm so afraid of curry paste! I think I'll have to pick some up. I feel the same way about powder mustard. It's stronger I don't know how much to use!
    I'd love to know if anyone tries the recipe, what did you think and did you/would you change anything?