Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm a Winner

It's true, I win things. I remember the very first thing I ever won. It was a pack of sprees I won on the inside of a sprees wrapper. I was 16 and had just moved from Kansas City to Dayton and I was missing my best friend. So I sent her the wrapper. It was a very special gift, see. I was giving her the only thing I had ever won and I was giving her what would be my FREE CANDY. For reference, she sent me marshmallows from her Lucky Charms. All smashed up in the envelope. What I'm saying is I like candy.
My husband won a very large television a few years ago. It was entirely too big for our house so I ebayed it. What an ordeal that turned out to be. But we had money and paid our bills so that was good. Then I won a trip to Hawaii. For real.
I still don't remember entering the drawing but I usually enter whatever comes my way if it's not a big hassle (hence all the winning). A lady called me and told me I had won and I didn't know what to say. "I don't remember entering that but I do shop at Bigg's so I guess maybe I did?" I think I let her down with my lack of enthusiasm. So there was some papers and some notarizing and then we just had to go. The kids were little so Jedd's mom came and stayed here with them. We had $500 to last the whole week so the fanciest thing we ate was Cheesecake Factory. We watched Law and Order reruns (we didn't have cable at home, it was exciting!) we ate a lot of McDonald's. They have rice as a side dish there and packets of soy sauce right by the ketchup. We walked the beach a lot but only swam once. We walked by the zoo and peeked through the fences. We hiked a big ass hill.

We had a great time.
Then last year I won a CPR kit from Amazing Trips and last week I won an ornament from Haworth Handmade through Swistle's Review blog. I picked this one:

Cute, right? So, have you ever won anything?


  1. Nope, I'm so not a winner. I have NEVER won anything! You on the other hand are totally a winner!! Look at you! There is a winner in my family though. Sariah wins all the holiday things at the library! She's won stuffed animals, candy, DVD's and other cool stuff (Wait, I don't know if she's really a winner or if they just think she's the cutest thing ever and always say she's the winner...Hmmmm...)

  2. I win nothing. Sports teams I like don't even usually win (minus the Colts SuperBowl a few years ago). But this post reminds me of another time one of you two one something. Sarah Miller talked Jedd and I into Bingo in Price Hill one night about 10 years ago. Place is packed with hard core bingo players and somehow Jedd, who I think had never played Bingo before, won "Bingo King" or something...and came home with $100. I guess you two have all the luck! :)

  3. Ha, I remember that!
    And yes, Sariah is awfully cute!

  4. Did I really write "one" something. Oh my! Please don't tell anyone that I'm a public school teacher.

  5. I won a runner up prize for a MK makeover and $10 worth of free stuff. I just want to the free product and skip the facial, but that's okay. She's coming on Weds at 7 if you want to come over and order anything (if you use that stuff). And Ernie won a door prize at their Christmas party. So I have a BRAND NEW ipod shuffle. (He has a nano our neighbor gave to him). So we hit the jackpot with that. I don't usually win anything. I can't even win on the dollar scratch off lottery tickets!

  6. An ipod, that's awesome! I use MK eye makeup remover but my mom has a friend that gives it to us at cost.