Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jumping In

This Monday I will begin homeschooling my oldest. She's in first grade and while her school isn't bad, I started feeling like it just wasn't best for her. I have the freedom to do this so why not? What's funny is how excited I am to begin! I had her math curriculum already because I had planned on doing a little bit over the summer. I ordered her a science text and one for history and I can't wait to see them. Especially science, I really enjoy life science. I also ordered a language arts book and these really cool flashcards that I saw on The Pioneer Woman's homeschool blog. They teach the Greek and Latin roots of the English language, very cool.
However, my language stuff still hasn't shipped from Amazon (come on, Amazon, there's a Buffy dvd set in there too!) and the science book is on backorder so they are waiting to ship that and the history book.
Have no fear! I stopped by the Scholastic fair at Elliet's former school yesterday and picked up a book on the Obama family and the White House and a book on Clara Barton. She will do these for history and language arts. She'll read the books and then we will work on the vocabulary we find there (inauguration, society, government) and she will practice her writing skills with a paper about each book. For science this week we are looking through a book about whales and dolphins.

I never though I would homeschool. I was homschooled for most of my education and I always thought I didn't like it. What I came to realize was that while I enjoyed it, I always thought I was missing out on something greater. This was partly due to my own self-centeredness and well, probably just that. I hope to avoid this by always giving Elliet the choice. I'm assuming she will go back to public school in another year or two but I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the meantime.


  1. You are so much like me, it's scary! I think Sarah will probably go back to school in the fall, (maybe?) but it has been a BLAST homeschooling her. I hope you have a lot of fun with it!

  2. That sounds really cool, Sarah! We plan to start with homeschooling, but always give the kids a choice, too. I'll be interested to hear what you think of all the materials you get. Keep us updated!

  3. Good for you! I don't think I have the patience, but I wish I did. Plus, once the math goes above 3rd grade level, I'd be in big trouble.

  4. I want to homeschool my kids for their benefit, but it's been such a struggle for me to give up so many of my own activities to raise them, I'm afraid that homeschooling would push me over the edge. I need time to write, read, sew, etc., time to still be me. How do homeschooling moms find a balance?

  5. I guess it's different for me right now because I still have a pre-K and toddler at home. So I'm bound by that anyway. Having my oldest home is actually much easier for me since she can help out and I don't have to load and unload everybody for school runs.
    You know, I wanted to do this for her benefit but I also just really wanted to do this. I doubt I'd be doing it if it wasn't something I knew I would find joy in. It's also a bit of an outlet for me because my degree is in education and I'm really enjoying dusting that off!

  6. So how is this going? We need an update! I have a degree in education, too! It is starting to get scary how much we have in common.